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Here are some Free Self Help materials available in PDF format:


Five Step Thinking Diary

Relaxation Diary - Sound of Calm


Thought Diary

Activity Schedule


Helpful Self Statements

Seven Steps To Managing Panic Attacks

Creating Confidence: Developing Self Acceptance

Pain Management Diary

11 Questions to Plant the Seeds for Creating Confidence Creating Confidence@ Work TFB Triangle Building Resilience Managing Craving
Managing Progress Resilience Building Action Plan Resilience Building - Learning from strengths Developing Short Term Alternatives for Behaviour Change
Small steps to challenge low mood habits TRICK OR TREAT - Developing Healthy Rewards Theory A Theory B OCD Chart The Big 0 Question
Evidence Log - Judge J Behavioural Activation 1    



Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks

Creating Confidence @ Work

Creating Confidence

@ Work

Self Help Books

Self Help


CBT Theory Books

CBT Theory


Weight Management Books




Free Self Help

Free Self


Free Therapists CBT Resources

Free Therapists CBT Resources

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